About Amanda

Self-love, self-worth and accepting our ‘enough’ are essential ingredients in creating a solid foundation for a strong self image and as such a more positive life! It is such a simple formula and yet as humans it is something we can really struggle to do.

Working alongside people to discover and encompass those ingredients is the main reason I do what I do!  Why? I have known what it is like to live ‘kind of loving myself’, ‘kind of feeling worthy’ and ‘kind of being enough’ and when I reflect back at that way of living it feels so compromised and limiting. I now know what it is like to love who I am, have a strong sense of worth and totally accept that I am enough. My foundations feel solid and unbreakable and my world has really opened up and that feels exciting.

It is my own experiences that have led me to uncover and gain a more empowered view and understanding of both myself and others, and how the more negative experiences can go on to shape us in a way that all too often takes us away from self-love, self-worth and that feeling of being enough. There is no doubt in my mind that it is those experiences, and overcoming them, that have totally enhanced my ability to work in a unique, inspirational and transformative way. 

Why have I chosen coaching over counselling?

Although I worked in a therapeutic setting within the NHS in a former life, something drew me to explore working in a way that nurtured my own uniqueness.  Some of the reasons for that are: 

  • I like to work creatively and outside of the box for the benefit of each individual and coaching allows me to do
  • I believe that coaching is a powerful and enriching experience; we tend to seek our answers from the external world, through coaching there is a wonderful opportunity for you to find the answer from within.
  • I am very skilled at what I do with a strong intuition and this way of working allows me to reach my fullest potential for the benefit of others.

Very often it is our feelings of not being in control that limit us from truly experiencing life; embarking on the coaching journey we gain control of our own lives and outcomes; in my mind that is how it should be.

I have been on my own transformative journey, and I come without agenda. I truly believe that what I have experienced must serve a purpose for the positive, and this is my purpose.

On a personal level I have raised and nurtured four beautiful children. That will continue to be one of my most fulfilling, enriching and biggest achievements. I have given them the freedom to grow, learn and flourish, to go out in the world and explore, whilst holding them safely in the process.

I am creative, passionate, strong, courageous, motivated, positive, inspirational, self aware, emotionally intelligent, real and I love what I do!


Diploma in Personal Transformation Coaching (Animas Centre for Coaching)

Existential Coaching (Animas Centre for Coaching)

NLP Practitioner (PPD Learning)

Soul Plan Practitioner (Holistic Healing College)

Reiki Master