About Coaching

Essentially coaching is working alongside an individual to facilitate change and maximise potential. This is a holistic approach to successful and lasting personal development. A collaborative partnership between Client and Coach to encourage change through:

  • an exploration of your relationship with you
  • an exploration of your interactions with others
  • gaining a deeper understanding of past triggers that influence and prevent present moments from being wholly and objectively experienced learning to live in the now
  • an exploration of what limits you from being fully aligned with the real you
  • learning to create more balance

It is my belief that when we make some of those shifts we are more equipped to tackle for example:

  • relationship issues
  • lack of self worth
  • lack of confidence
  • lack of direction
  • inability to make decisions
  • career issues

Who is transformational coaching for?

Anyone that wants to make some sort of real and lasting change in their lives; and ultimately is prepared to make a commitment to themselves to embark on a voyage of self-discovery. Resulting in an enhanced understanding of the self and an improved way of living.

Does anyone have the ability to change?

I personally believe that we all have the ability to change. What makes change possible is our willingness to do so and that is the key to anything that is real, lasting and positive.

What stops us from embarking on change?

In a word: fear! What keeps us in a place of fear, in my experience, is holding on to past experiences and challenges. The knock-on effect is that we hinder ourselves from allowing our current experiences and challenges to be encountered in a less impartial way. By shifting certain blocks you will be able to:

  • Improve, firstly, the relationship with yourself and as such your relationships with others.
  • Let go of perfectionist tendencies and unrealistic expectations.
  • Make more informed choices and decisions.
  • Have a healthier perspective to tackle current challenges.

Through coaching I will encourage you to face your fears head on so you are able to stop giving them power; this process is not just transformational but hugely liberating.

What can you expect from coaching with me?

  • It is your opportunity to tackle anything that you feel is blocking you from where you are and where you want to be.
  • I will guide you through that process whilst encouraging you to explore what limits you from experiencing a wholehearted life; under whatever guise that may show up in your current day to day living.
  • You can expect to have a deeper understanding of yourself and how, with that understanding, you can go on to face life with a new and more robust attitude.
  • With commitment you have the opportunity to experience real and lasting change.

How do I work as a coach and what is my aim?

  • I look at the individual as a whole.
  • My sessions are Client led; that is you set the agenda and lead the way. Essentially this is your opportunity to explore you and the changes you want to make. I will hold you through that process and work intuitively to ensure you are continually supported, challenged, motivated and moving forward.
  • To hold you safely whilst you learn to recognise how you may be limiting yourself; resulting in a raised awareness of your own internal resources; learning how to trust them and use them more effectively.
  • Although you may come with a particular issue, for example lack of confidence; job dissatisfaction; or relationship issues; I will coach you to have a clearer understanding of the root cause to a particular blockage in your life; which in turn will help to facilitate change in all areas of your life.
  • In my experience it is far more powerful and transformative to gain a greater understanding of yourself. Once this relationship is healthy and you have embodied it then the relationship you have with others, in all areas of your life, will vastly improve. If embraced it is then that you can really make an effective and lasting change.
  • My sessions are Client centred; confidential and non-judgemental.
  • This is your chance to make change and my job is to ensure that you stay on target. I will work collaboratively with you and our sessions will be honest, authentic, curious, exploratory, intuitive and purposeful.
  • To embark on the coaching journey encompasses metamorphosis from a satisfactory way of being to a way of living that is more enriching, empowering and positive.
  •  My total aim is to encourage and support you to make a lasting difference, not a quick fix option, but more a long term solution; with your commitment that is absolutely possible.




If you are interested in working with me because you are serious about making real and lasting change then I would love to hear from you.


I offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation so that we can mutually explore whether transformative coaching is for you; also do feel free to drop me a line if you have any initial questions and I will be happy to respond.


Sessions will take place either face to face or via skype, or a mixture of both depending on your needs and where you are based.