“You are an amazing woman in my eyes, you are incredibly strong, your energy is honest and extremely spiritual and the guidance that comes from that has for me, lifted me higher than I ever thought I would be.” Jacqueline, London 

“I wanted to speak with Amanda because I was struggling with dormant emotions from past events, that had begun to resurface in confusing and non-constructive ways. She helped me to reveal these emotions, reflect on how they’ve affected my life, and ultimately let them go by understanding where they came from. Amanda has a unique ability to listen, connect, and support you while reaching into your emotional depths. I live with relief and gratitude to this woman. Let Amanda in, she will help you.” Isabel, London

“Where to start? Well, Amanda is simply one of the most amazing and inspiring people I have ever met. For me, our sessions were emotional, profoundly thought-provoking, pertinent and, thanks to her amazing insight, quite frankly life-changing. They were also full of laughter and a feeling of rightness, even when the challenges were hard. Thanks to Amanda, I now feel much more attuned to my own instinct and am well on the way to re-discovering who I actually am – I can’t thank her enough” Zoe, Somerset

“I came to Amanda wanting to be a “better version of myself”, having had just six sessions with Amanda I can hand on heart tell you that I am.  I understand myself more and have a very positive internal monologue now; I am no longer punishing myself, blaming myself and subsequently limiting myself.   It’s not just my relationship with myself that has improved, but with others too; having developed deeper and more positive relationships with loved ones.   I noticed a difference in my self belief after just one session and think that the output has impacted everything from my friendships through to my career.

Amanda is incredibly intuitive and kind, putting you at ease and quickly developing a rapport.  She is also very flexible, available at short notice and able to flex your sessions around what is happening in your life.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and feel I will reap the benefits of our time together for years to come.  If I can give you one piece of advice, it is to work with Amanda.  If I can give you another, it is to dive into this with both feet, open yourself up and be honest – it may sometimes be painful, but it will be so rewarding in the longer term.” Dominique, London

“What an incredible insight into my own mind. I had all the pieces of the puzzle, but Amanda managed to piece them all together for me. She drew the dots from the past to the dots in the present. In a storm of emotion, I was on a pedalo and thankfully Amanda through her warmth and passion for her gift of coaching got me back to dry land. And for that I cannot thank her enough.”  Ben, Bath

“When a friend recommended me to Amanda I was unsure what to expect. I had lost direction and had buried a lot of my past away but had very low self esteem.  Meeting Amanda has been very much a life changing journey for me and throughout the sessions I found her to have an extraordinary insight into life,to be totally non-judgmental and she taught me to re focus my ideas of ‘me’ therefore enabling me to look at finding a more positive way forward and to change my life to suit the person I am.  A big thank you to you Amanda for putting me together again.”  Sally, Essex

“Before the coaching started Amanda explained the format of the coaching, making sure I was comfortable with how the sessions were going to run. Going in to the first session I felt at ease with what was going to happen and I didn’t feel there was any apprehension. Half way through our sessions I felt a boost in my self confidence and self worth. By the end of our sessions I was a much more positive, energetic, enthusiastic and confident person. I honestly wasn’t expecting such a powerful and positive change within myself within six sessions. By the end of the last session I felt like a different person, there was this positive powerful energy inside of me which felt like I was confident enough to do anything I wanted to achieve. Throughout the whole process Amanda made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. She had a very warm, friendly energy which meant I felt comfortable discussing topics and memories I wouldn’t normally have discussed even with close friends and family. This has been one of the most powerful things I’ve ever done. Amanda helped me find within myself what I’d been looking for; confidence, self worth and self belief. I didn’t expect it to have a life changing effect. I feel like I’ll be reaping the benefits of this for a long long time. Working with Amanda was an extremely powerful and positive experience from the start. It was a profound journey. Throughout it Amanda had a brilliant, compassionate energy which helped me to look at the obstacles I faced and leap over them. I honestly can not thank her enough.” Mathew, Wiltshire

“Through the questions that Amanda put to me I had the time and space to think about what I really want from life, what has been stopping me from achieving this, and how I see myself achieving this, positively, in the the future. Through our sessions I feel I have become the person I imagined I could be and that I have the mental tools and strength to continue to do this in the future. Coaching with Amanda has given me a new way of approaching life. I feel more confident, relaxed, happy and capable. It is no coincidence that I am now doing things that I have put off for years. I am now happier as I have truly explored what it is I want from life and what it is that was previously stopping me from achieving it. I would recommend Amanda to anyone who had any kind of problem in their life, or who just wanted to explore themselves and be even more happy” Daniel, Manchester

“My sessions with Amanda enabled me to finally address several negative thought patterns I’d had and helped me to face/understand the reason they were occurring. Overall I came away with an instilled sense of confidence in myself and my choices; feeling more positive and in control. The whole process with Amanda has really opened my eyes to ‘me’. I think that coaching is a very useful tool to help guide and explore yourself better and Amanda was great in helping me with that. Amanda is a great listener, very intuitive and responsive, she also allowed the silences to flow too – this made it easy to think and didn’t feel awkward. I enjoyed my sessions and have come away with a positive outlook and excitement for future opportunities, whatever they may be” Jennifer, London.

“If I could shout from the rooftops how brilliant Amanda is, I would. In fact the reason I would be happy to shout from the rooftops or even believe my opinion matters is because of Amanda. She’s an unbelievably gifted lady. I should know, I’ve seen 2 counsellors, 3 hypnotherapists and read countless numbers of self-help books. Some of which helped a bit, others not at all, but even after the first session with Amanda I felt a significant shift in the way I thought about myself. There is something very special about Amanda because the benefits that you get from a session with her keep on working long after the hour is up. I’m so pleased that she labels herself an “intuitive” because she instinctively knows what you need as an individual and there’s no hiding anything from her! In a nutshell, I went to her for guidance and clarification and unlike other people I’ve seen, who have told me to ‘look inside for the answer’, she guided me to find an answer! And that is all I have ever wanted. She’s the only person I have ever seen that has had the courage to put themselves out there to guide me in finding that answer. Thank you so much Amanda. I am forging forward but if I ever falter again, I know exactly where to come! Thanks so much again Amanda. I truly do believe that you have a wonderful gift of healing. Sorry if that sounds a bit gushy, but that’s another thing I’ve been able to do since meeting you – express my feelings a little more honestly and let my guard down!’Alexandra, Bath

“Amanda has helped me so much in the few weeks that I have been with her. Already I feel calmer and more resilient, able to deal with what has come and what comes my way in life, believing in myself, my choices and my own intuition. Amanda’s intuition is incredibly strong and she has a deep knowing and understanding of people, life and situations, which I have found a great relief. The sessions are always relevant and perfect for what is going on at that time. She just seems to know where to go with it all, allowing me greater understanding, clarity, forgiveness, love and direction around various issues. She is one of the bravest, most compassionate, real, kind and inspiring people I have met. She creates a safe space of non judgement where I’ve been able to talk freely, and finally trust and have more confidence in myself and courage to follow my path. She has done Reiki with me as well which has been very powerful and helped to gently nudge me forward on my healing journey. Amanda has been a great teacher and healer to me, and I feel immensely blessed and grateful to have found her when I did.” Kath, Bath

“Amanda is incredibly insightful. She has this ability to pinpoint real problems of mine, and then works with me to explore them and find their origin. This would normally be a daunting task but she has a warm and comforting inner strength that is instantly recognisable upon first meeting her and turns the entire experience into an overwhelmingly positive one that just makes me want to express myself, and things about myself, that I wouldn’t under other circumstances. Amanda has an invigorating yet soothing presence that’s underlined by the fact she has such strong integrity, allowing me to trust her with the details of my personal issues and creating a very open and honest environment to discuss them in. Her sessions feel personalised and catered just for me, for these reasons and many others I would recommend Amanda to anyone” Jack, Bath

“Since I have been meeting with Amanda I have gained a deeper understanding, acceptance and ability to conquer my issues and I have felt the truly positive change within myself. I feel incredibly lucky to have met such a vibrant, inspiring person and friend, who I am confident has been the key to my journey. Each session never fails to leave me uplifted, inspired and motivated. Amanda’s coaching is not rigid, instead it is refreshing and personal. She has an incredible gift and combined with her overwhelming experience, knowledge and intuition, she is able to tailor discussion to each individual. She has helped me separate my past from the present and live as the person I have been forever longing to be. If anyone is confused or unsure about coaching, I would strongly urge them to trust and to take a leap of faith with Amanda. It has been one of the most enriching journeys I have ever embarked upon and I truly believe others can and will benefit from her becoming their own journey’s guide.” Sara, Bristol

“I have worked with Amanda around issues from my past that were affecting my present in a negative way. I struggled with self esteem and lacked any sense of direction in my life which was frustrating for myself and my friends and family. Amanda helped me to see that the issues I struggled with were to do with how I perceived situations and nothing to do with who I truly am. With this emotional support and a practical plan for the future, I truly felt I could move on with my life with greater joy, verve and excitement. She enables exploration of yourself on a deep level in a kind caring manner, all with a warm smile and a great sense of peace. I felt at ease in Amanda’s presence and through our conversations, and the way she interpreted and reframed my concerns, I left our sessions with a greater feeling of clarity, and renewed purpose. I now have the confidence I need to fulfill my potential and have a clear direction in my life that I was not able to grasp before seeing Amanda. Her gifts are great and plentiful.” Dan, Bristol