Luck isn’t what makes you lucky, you are what makes you lucky!

The other day I was cleaning and to get me through the task in hand I was downloading songs that really give that punch, then I played them at the loudest possible volume.  The whole street, not just the neighbours, were most probably vibrating to my tunes.

When I play music it brings me alive, it gives me a feeling of nostalgia, it makes me feel warm and happy, it inspires me to create.  I love, love music.

So whilst I was in that zone I was thinking how bloody lucky I am.  It is so easy to sit and dwell on the negatives of life that we actually forget to remember all the good around us.

So I will set the standard and share just a few of the things that I believe make me lucky:

The opportunity to be a mother to four incredible children has to be one (well four) of the most enriching connections I have been fortunate enough to experience.  I have learnt so much about love and growth and ultimately myself.  That is lucky!

To have known and survived suffering at the deepest level has allowed me to become the best possible version of me and today that is enough.  It has taught me compassion; forgiveness; unconditional love.  It has taught me to embrace my imperfections rather than to strive for perfection.  It has given me an ability to go to the deepest level to understand and make a difference both to myself and others.  That is lucky!

To accept that I am not perfect and to embrace my imperfections in spite of societal pressure and the occasional mean mindedness of other human beings!  That is lucky!

I use the word fuck with alarming regularity and I don’t give a shit!  ‘Fuck it!’, ‘Fucking Hell’, ‘For Fucks Sake’, ‘Fuck that’, ‘What the Fuck’.  I embrace the title that has been bestowed upon me ‘Mother Tourettes’.  That is lucky!

I have a handful of friends who I can safely say, unconditionally, want the absolute best for me, and vice versa.  That is lucky!

I have an ability to find humour and laugh at myself, even in the darkest of times.  Not to be underestimated.  That is lucky!

To have the privilege of working with some of the bravest and most courageous people. People who have made a huge commitment to themselves to search for and find an understanding of who they really are, and allowing that to be enough.  And they have trusted me to guide them to that place!  That is lucky!

Passion.  I have such passion, I almost trip over it some days that I don’t actually get anything done!  When I do manage to hone my passion it allows me to create; explore; grow; learn; teach; love.  That is lucky!

To allow myself to make mistakes and also look within when others hurt me.  I take the time to have a bloody good cry, process, understand and learn; and then to let it go.  That is lucky!

I can honestly say that I now know what it is like to love another person without condition or expectation.  That has at times been a tough but very liberating nut to crack.  That is lucky!

And finally, as you can see from my list, the trust in myself to be enough, to exude authenticity and to embrace vulnerability; otherwise I sure as hell wouldn’t have shared all of the above.  That is lucky!

I think that list might be enough to be going on with.  So back to you.  How do approach this whole luck business?  Are you sat waiting for your luck to change?  Do you place expectation on others believing that they are the only ones that can facilitate that change?  Do you wonder why when you have been a good person and you have worked so hard something is not shifting and that luck is eluding you? 

It is very easy to sit and wait and hope that things will change and feel unlucky when they don’t.  Unfortunately that doesn’t make them change.  What makes that all important change is you and you alone; no-one can do that for you.  Yes others can give you a set of tools or offer you an opportunity but, ultimately, it will be a direct result of your approach to that opportunity that dictates the end result. There is so much talk about the law of attraction: ‘ask and you will receive’.  There is usually one major thing that people miss out when they sit with that philosophy, a massive hole in the middle and that hole is you!  You can ask and you will receive but you have to put the work in to receive.   I have known people that absolutely dedicate themselves to manifesting things by focusing so intently on them and then they wonder why they never happen.  Whilst they are spending their time focusing on the end goal they do not perhaps realise that they have to participate in the journey to get any results.  So perhaps let go of the outcome, take a risk and dive in to your own journey with both feet.

In my experience things don’t just fall magically in to our laps but what I do know is that with a little bit of commitment; a dose of self belief; a degree of courage; an openness to learn and grow; a peppering of trust and optimism and perhaps a leap of faith then things will start to change.  Maybe it does sound cliched, but if approached with the right attitude, the journey is the most magical part, but you really do have to allow yourself to fully participate in it or it ain’t going to happen.  Yes, thus far you may have hit some rocky terrains and you may have acquired things and then lost them again; you may have fallen down and thought you would never have the strength to get back up again.  But when you reflect on your own particular journey are you still here?  Without wanting to state the obvious, but being unable to resist doing so, I am guessing if you are reading this then the answer is yes!

So what stops you from taking those steps to create your own luck or even feel lucky?  You do!  I loved writing down all the things that made me feel lucky and just the very action of doing so feels great.  What I have written is a celebration of my life so far; what I have achieved; what I have overcome and who I am today.  Take some time to write down your own list of achievements and I can guarantee that you will find some defining moments so you too can start to embody that feeling of being lucky.  Try to really understand what you have learned and how you can use that learning to enhance your life for the positive; as that is a sure fire way to start attracting what you want.  I think to feel gratitude for what you already have is fairly crucial because essentially at this very moment that is all there is.  By focusing on what you already have you could just disarm that perpetual need to want more and more and more. 

Luck isn’t what makes you lucky, you are what makes you lucky.  So start to celebrate you and encompass everything that makes you feel lucky.  By keeping some focus on the positive you can not fail to shift your energy; and who know’s you might just start to move forward with an optimism that you do have some control over being the creator of your own luck.